Friday, March 23, 2018

Second H2H Quilt is Done!

Here is the second twin from a previous POST


Orange backing for this one.

Used the same panto, "Sun 2" by Debra Geissler.
I just love these little butterflies!

Dainty little daises on the backing.

I may like it more than the yellow....

Thursday, March 22, 2018

One H2H "Twin" is Done

 I love how this scrappy quilt turned out!
60 x 60
I used a panto by Debra Geissler called Sun 2.

See those cute little butterflies?

A nice surprise on the backing....dragon flies~

This will go to Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo through the

H2H Twins!

As you might have read in my last post,
 I was working on a plan for these scraps left over from this 2009 quilt.
It started with a simple 9 patch and an alternating block with a colored center, the farther I went the more I disliked it...I tried to like it, but I just couldn't.
I pulled out all the alternate blocks and stuck them to the side on my flannel design wall.  I added solid neutral blocks between the 9 patches.

Hmmmm....Look what I started to see.
And then it needed a separation border.

I really liked this!

By the way,

I whipped out forty 9-patch blocks and my quilt was approaching queen sized.
Way to big for the

So, I spent some time with my calculator and determined I had just enough yellow for borders for 2 quilts!

Don't you just love this fabric!

I made this 60 x 60 quilt....

...and this 54 x 54 quilt.

Yes, I squeezed out 2 quilts from these scraps by adding 2 yards of this complimentary neutral.

Nothing left but some shavings and a couple of strips.

Pop over to 'Confessions of a Fabric Addict' and check out the 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hands 2 Help 2018

It's been a couple of years since I took part in the

I am excited to say that I have already started a scrappy (did I say scrappy?) quilt for the challenge.

I made this lap quilt for a little cousin back in 2009 while she in treatment for breast cancer at age 24.  I had some fabric left and have always wanted to use it for a smaller scrap quilt.  But until now, I didn't have an inspiration for how to make it work.

I went through all the scraps and decided that a 2.5 inch block/strip would be the vest way to utilize the fabric with the least waste.  I then decided to make a simple 9 patch with an alternating block.

 Here is what I came up with...

As you an see from the original pattern, there were lots of small strips and sashings.  I had a number of 1.5 inch strips.  I even sewed these together and got a couple of 2.5" blocks from each strip. 

You can hardly tell they are pieced.

I did have to purchase a couple of yards of neutral for the background.  I had plenty of white, or beige, or grey....but nothing that would compliment this fabric line.

Look at these nice pieces left for my borders.
I won't know how big this quilt will be until I run out of 2.5" blocks and figure out how much border fabric I can use.

 I am excited to be part of the Hands 2 Help 2018 Challenge.

This is Sarah's 8th year to organize the Hands 2 Help Challenge. There are 3 charities involved this year, 2 in the US and one in Canada.

I'm going to make at least one quilt for the Little Lambs Foundation for Kids and at least one for Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo.

Check out Sarah's blog for information on the challenge.
Sign up, it will be fun!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Patriot, Mystery Quilt

 This is my version of Alycia's Mystery Quilt

I didn't even realize until I was done...that I had turned the bottom 2 quarters of the quilt.  But. It's quilted, bound and hanging up.  I'm really diggin' that border.  I enjoyed being taken out of my comfort zone with more scrappy quilting. 

I used the panto, "Allegiance" by Kristen Hoftyzer and white binding.

I had a whole bolt of this light blue patriotic fabric.

I like it. 

Thanks  Alycia Quilts for creating such a great Mystery Quilt!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Patriot, Mystery Quilt

Whoot!  I got my taxes done so I could finally finish up this Mystery Quilt!

I put it on the frame tonight.
Using the panto "Allegiance" by Kristin Hoftyzer.  I have had this pattern forever, and I like it on busy scrappy fabrics in a Quilt of Valor.

Ha, ha....wonky stars upon wonky stars.

Here is a link back to Alycia's site for her Mystery Quilt

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Patriot Mystery Quilt

Today was clue #5 in Alycia's Mystery Quilt

I eagerly finished up Clue #4 last week.

Can't wait to get started assembling all my blocks!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Denim Graduation Quilt

I am quilting ahead so when graduation time rolls around, I won't be stitching at the last minute.

In May, it's high school graduation for an Idaho ranch kid that has grown into a wonderful young man.

I asked a family member what his favorite color was and she told me it was maroon.  When I looked through all my flannel backings, I remembered I had the perfect color!  

I had this large 62x90 piece of maroon flannel.

All I had to do is make the top to fit with enough room to pin on the frame.

I have about 14-15 more quilts left in this pile of denim.

Years ago, I started "deboning" every pair of jeans that came into my studio.  I know there are lots of super cute quilts with pockets, zippers, etc. But I only use the main part of the legs because that's what I can quilt over with my longarm.

This is all I keep because it is all I use.  I trim the leg with my 6.5" ruler, making sure to keep the denim on grain.

You will end up with strips up to 40" depending on the size of the jeans.  Then you can sub cut these into any size you want.  Easy.

I use a standard 1/4" seam and steam press as I sew each row.

 I press all seams open.
I sewed several whole strips end to end and then started cutting them into 58" pieces. (remember, I only had a 62" backing.)  As you go, you get uneven ends and this makes it good if you want a random color pattern. 

You can see where you want to move the strips to spread out the color.  If you sew them all together by twos, then the twos together to make sets of 4 and then the fours together to make a set of 8 strips.  Then you only have to wrangle the biggest bulk of the quilt through your Bernina only once.

This is where I like to use up a lot of my random spools of thread.  I 

I sewed garments for 40 years before I started quilting.  I sewed all through my teen years, made all my hubby's shirts, sewed for my kids, you name it, I had a thread color for it.  So, I am working my way through a ton of spools for my domestic.  I might add that I always do the snap test to make sure each spool of thread is still strong.  One of my blues didn't make the cut and I had to toss it.

I don't buy spools anymore, I really love using cones of thread on my  Bernina.  My hubby made me a thread holder that will work with spools or I am gradually using up all my collection of spools,  you can see a lot of empty space, right? 
I just happened to have some yellow flannel for the binding.
 Quilt pattern is Square Spiral by Karen Emmerson. 

How fun is that?


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